Identifying Counterfeit Products

Hardlock’s mission is to make society safer and more secure through fasteners that do not loosen. We never stop working on safety improvements. Our products are backed by technology, quality and a history of performance. Beware of similar products that sell for less but come up short when it comes to safety.

How to identify Hardlock products

We are proud that to date not a single accident has occurred due to a Hardlock Nut coming loose. The guarantee of our technology, quality and safety is all contained in the HARDLOCK mark (sometimes abbreviated to HL for space).

The stability in performance over years provides incalculable economic benefits because maintenance is not needed. The guarantees of reliability, performance, quality and safety are the mission that is entrusted to us. We hope our customers will look for the Hardlock mark to ensure they are purchasing genuine Hardlock products.

The use of imitation products may result in various problems and damage. We recommend genuine Hardlock products for excellent performance.

The Hardlock marks are a guarantee of quality and safety

The Hardlock mark