HARDLOCK Nut Wedging Mechanism

Solution: HARDLOCK Nut (Eccentric Double Locknut)

Point to grasp: Eliminate the thread space with the wedge principle.

The reason fasteners become loose is the play between the bolt and the nut, and by completely eliminating that play, it is possible to achieve the ideal looseness prevention mechanism. Through much research, Hardlock has developed a fastener in which the wedge principle is applied to nuts. That revolutionary product is the Hardlock Nut.

The wedge idea is realized by machining a nut slightly off center to the threads.
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Looseness prevention mechanism

Looseness prevention mechanism

The HLN Hardlock Nut is composed of two nuts, one that is convex and one that is concave. The convex nut (1) with an eccentric boss and a concave nut (2) shaped in a perfect circle are brought together to mechanically generate a powerful locking effect transverse to the bolt shaft with the wedge principle.The HLN Hardlock Nut wedge creates a powerful looseness prevention effect, completely fusing the bolt and nut together to shield the fastener from all vibrations and shocks.