What is HARDLOCK Bearing Nut?

The HARDLOCK Bearing Nut (bearing lock nut) is retained using the wedge principal to reduce the gap between threads preventing loss of preload.

Bearing Lock Nuts are used with hollow stepped/ cylindrical shafts, from low to high speed applications.

Bearing Lock Nuts are used in applications such as Injection Molding Machines, Water pumps, High speed compressors, Semiconductor manufacturing equpiment, Robot Assembly line, Steelplant rolling mill, Sinter plant and Tank caterpillar treads.

・Maintains small preload, preventing all rotational loosening.
・Does not damage shaft
・No galling due to special stainless steel coating. (With stainless steel material choice)
・Alternative to milling keyways and using toothed lock washers.
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・Low carbon steel (Cheap for low preloads)
・Medium carbon steel (Applications requiring pretension of bearing)
・Stainless Steel (A2-50 & A2-70)
・Other non-standard materials
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Dimension and tightening torque tables