Privacy Policy

In the course of its business, Hardlock Industry collects and receives personal information about its customers, suppliers and other business associates, including names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. In order to ensure the appropriate use and management of this information we endeavor to safeguard this personal information and protect the privacy of our customers and associates through the following policies:

• Personal information gathered in the course of transacting business, including over the internet, is used only for the purpose for which it was gathered (apart from in the compilation of statistics), such as to respond to inquiries and to support our own business. We do not to transfer or sell personal information to a third party without the permission of the person or organization to which it pertains.

• In order to guard against the loss, destruction, distortion or leakage of personal information in our possession, we implement appropriate security measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses and other means that might be used to violate the security of such personal information.

We handle the personal information of people using our services in accordance with laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to personal information.

• In order to ensure that personal information is appropriately protected, we make on-going efforts to reform and improve our management system.